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"Gach a Day" Official Rules and Code List

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1 "Gach a Day" Official Rules and Code List on Thu Apr 30, 2009 9:22 pm


Red Yoshi
Red Yoshi
Well, May 1st is the first day of this event, which will be going on all month long. These are the official rules:

1.) The Code of the Day will be posted for each day, remember, each day has a new code. We will try to post as early in the morning as possible.

2.) The 3rd person to whisper the day's code to either me (Jazz) or Yazz will win the gach ticket for that day. Any codes said in guild chat will not count. Think of it as calling into a radio show to win, like, backstage passes oO

EDIT: from now on, it's the 1st person to whisper the word. I'm tired of you guys not wanting to say it, then forgetting it, so no one wins :/

3.) IF myself or Yazz is the second or third person to log on, (meaning that the first person to log on has no way to win), then the players will be allowed to wait until a third person logs on, at which point either me or Yazz will yell "GACH", which starts the beginning of the contest for the day, and from that point, the third person will win the prize, got it? Good?

4.) If there is ever a tie, or a situation where the day's contest runs past midnight, then the day's contest is voided and the next day will be a double prize day, in which the winner of that day gets two gachs. So, in case of no winner, then that day's prize will go to the next winner, who gets two prizes.

5.) There will be NO arguing over who won. Your wonderful guildmasters are the SOLE judges (and the ones giving out the prizes) so don't whine if you don't win, just try again the next day. Whining is against Yoshi rules, and will be dealt with.

If there are any questions, please comment or send me a PM.


Here's the codes:

May 1st: Lupin
May 2nd: DYNO-MYTE
May 3rd: Fishsticks
May 4th: Koopa
May 5th: Snorlax
May 6th: Okami
May 7th: WAPAAH
May 8th: Bowser
May 9th: Batmobile
May 10th: Daffodil
May 11th: Munch
May 12th: Pachi Pachi Pa
May 13th: CHEEZ-IT
May 14th: Rockstar
May 15th: II300II3
May 16th: Parcel
May 18th: Chuck E Cheese
May 19th: Sarutabaruta
May 21st: Lacuna
May 22nd: shuba yaripon
May 23rd: geometry
May 24th: l337
May 25th: pixar
May 26th: MEOWTH Dat's Right!
May 27th: we're blasting off again!!!!!!!!!!!
May 28th: Mayhem

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