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1 by them or else on Mon Mar 02, 2009 1:23 am


Short version:
-No spamming (includes smiley spam)
-No double posting
-No flaming, bashing or whatever makes someone unhappy.
-Do not bump old threads when you've nothing to add
-Don't play as a Moderator/Administrator
-Type proper English.
-No porn nor vulgar stuff.
-Do not random PM members/staff.

Long version:

-No spamming (includes smiley spam)
What is spamming: Basically anything that doesn't contribute to the topic's subject. Don't just post stuff like "nice screenshot" but try to type at least one whole sentence when posting. Think: "Will someone be interested in reading my post" ? Also, don't post a reply with a smiley only, or too much smileys in one post. If you have more smileys then you have words in your reply, you will probably need some more content in your post. This also includes rickrolls and such.
This rule isn't as strong in the Free For All section, although some maturity is expected.

-No double posting (bumping after 3 days allowed)
You've just posted something, but then you realized you forgot something! Don't reply again! You just posted, and most people will not have read what you said. Simply edit your post by clicking on the "edit" button. You can bump topics after 3 days, but only if you have something to contribute. Don't bump if it's just to keep the topic high on the forums.

-No flaming, bashing or whatever makes someone unhappy.
Basically, anything that you don't want others to say to you, you shouldn't be saying to others either. When you're attacking someone for no reason, that's flaming. Don't do this. It will result in a warning most of the time. If others are bashing or flaming you, just PM a moderator/administrator, but don't step into the argument. That's just making things and the atmosphere worse on the forum.

-Do not bump old threads when you've nothing to add
So you've found this AWESOME screenshot that was posted 5 months ago. You just GOT to reply to it with a "Great shot, thanks!"
Please... don't. This will only bump the topic without any reason. Only bump a thread when you have something meaningful to add, and that you think others might be interested in it too.

-Don't play as a Moderator/Administrator
The staff can take care of things. Don't worry. Nothing is as annoying as people trying to correct other members. See it like this: You'd also hate if some stranger would point you to the fact you shouldn't be cycling on the sidewalk. You'd rather hear that from a police-officer then some regular pedestrain.

-Type proper English.
This doesn't mean: "type perfect English". I understand that there are lots of you who don't have English as their main language, so it's ok if you make spelling and grammar errors (I make them all the time as well). This doesn't mean you should be typing some weird language based on English like: " i herd u liek 2 mpale?" Keep your posts understandable for anyone that has atleast a bit of knowledge of the English language. 1337-language should be avoided.

-No porn nor vulgar stuff.
If you doubt if you can post something or not, just don't. We don't want any naked stuff here, nor disguisting or vulgar stuff. Keep these for yourself, or share them with /b/. You will get an instant warning for shocking stuff. You CAN post something that contains minor nudity, but ONLY if you post a LINK to it (so no direct pictures) and warn other people that it might not be suitable for all ages.

-Do not random PM members/staff.
Always be specific and clear. Tell the other what you want when PMing. Nothing is as annoying as getting spam through PM. It is forbidden to advertise within PMs.

PM the staff when you have a question regarding the forum/blog or regarding behaviour of other members. Be very specific in what you really want. Spamming administrators is the last thing you want to do. They have the ability to give out warnings, you know...

Woooh, you actually read the explanations too? Good boy/girl! Now, show the board that you obey these!

2 Re: by them or else on Tue Mar 03, 2009 1:26 am


Red Yoshi
Red Yoshi
As the trombone says..."Waaaaaah waaaaaah waaaaa~"

3 Re: by them or else on Sat Apr 04, 2009 1:58 pm


Yoshi Egg
How much is minor nudity? Just wondering Smile

4 Re: by them or else on Wed Oct 14, 2009 7:43 pm


Yellow Yoshi
Yellow Yoshi

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