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The new branch of Yoshi

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1 The new branch of Yoshi on Wed Jun 03, 2009 5:12 pm


Red Yoshi
Red Yoshi
At last! The new spinoff of Yoshi has been created. YoshiYoshi (There wasn't a better option for names, Andrew?) currently consists of five original members from Yoshi (as well as my mule) and has created Yoshi's first alliance member.

However, there are a few questions I have floating around in my head...

1) How are we planning to distribute clan members? Or are you just going to disown YoshiYoshi and let them fend for themselves?

2) What do you plan for GPQ? Can alliance members join GPQ's together?

3) How do you plan to recover from your sudden loss of Jr.s? (seeing as how 4 or 5 of the YoshiYoshi members are original Yoshi Jr.s)

4) Do you plan to call them New Yoshi and when the public hates them bring back regular Yoshi, call it Yoshi Classic, and sell it at exorbitant prices to make a massive profit?

If anyone else has any questions, post them now before this thread is deleted for exposing Jazz's secret plan for world domination through marketing. >.<

People moving all the time, inside a perfectly straight line. Don't you wanna just curve away when it's such a perfect day?

ZOMG! I'm flatlining!

2 Re: The new branch of Yoshi on Wed Jun 03, 2009 6:43 pm


Yellow Yoshi
Yellow Yoshi
lmao yoshi classic ahaha

3 Re: The new branch of Yoshi on Wed Jun 03, 2009 8:24 pm


Red Yoshi
Red Yoshi
Let me explain, the two sister guilds are still Yoshi. Yazz is still the boss, we'll still have events, etc etc. We are going from one giant guild to 2 smaller guilds, each of which will have to be brought back up. Although there are two groups now, each will still follow the old Yoshi rules. I imagine, since Andrew is a little more lax than me/yazz, Yoshi2 is probably going to be the rowdier of the group. We might also split new recruits like, new people go to Yoshi Classic, where we can teach them all kinds of fun things, or high levels go to New Yoshi so they can GPQ all day. I hope that each guild develops it's own vibe and the new one becomes something new in itself.

As for "guild hopping". We are not going to make a rule about it, but everyone is free to come and go out of the two guilds as they please. If Yoshi Classic is gpqing, then by all means, new yoshi is welcome to bail and rejoin with us, PROVIDED there is room for them. We aren't going to kick people out of Yoshi Classic so that you guys can GPQ with us. I don't want it to become a giant jumble of who's adding who back etc.

Concerning recruitments. Each guild can recruit separately, but like I said, some people might be a better fit for one guild over the other so let's try to think about that before snatching up all the new guys.

Alliance chat. Because it can get annoying to be spammed in both guild chat AND alliance, please keep alliance chatting to a minimum, meaning, don't ally chat someone who is in YOUR guild, just so you can broadcast it to the alliance. If there is a discussion that's happening between both guilds then by all means join in, but if it's chit-chat between people on your side of the alliance, please keep it in guild chat.

Events: This expansion has opened up an exciting new avenue for guild events: competition. We can now have contests like, see which group can do the most gpqs in a day or compete for highest amount of 4th jobbers and so on.

If there's anymore questions, fire away, and be sure to add your input about the whole thing


4 Re: The new branch of Yoshi on Wed Jun 03, 2009 9:37 pm


Red Yoshi
Red Yoshi
^^^Notice he didn't mention anything about the plot to take over the world through commerce...

I'm jk =). Thanks a bunch for making alot of things clear, but i'm sure that once finals week is over and my brain feels like thinking again I'll have more questions for you.

People moving all the time, inside a perfectly straight line. Don't you wanna just curve away when it's such a perfect day?

ZOMG! I'm flatlining!

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