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The Official Blue Yoshi Application

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1 The Official Blue Yoshi Application on Mon May 18, 2009 1:28 am


Red Yoshi
Red Yoshi
Guild Yoshi Junior Application
So, you think you have what it takes to be a Yoshi Junior? Let's find out. Please answer the following questions as accurately as possible. Providing false information may lead to corrective action including demotion or expulsion.

Current Level*
Name/Server of all other characters*
Highest Level Achieved*
When do you typically play?*
Check all that apply.
Describe your greatest Maple-chievement.*
How do you feel about the Guild Rules and why?*
If you could change the Guild Rules, what you remove/add?*
How do you feel about Private Servers? Why?*
What is your opinion on hacking/botting?*
Which of the following would you do to help out your Guild Members?*
Give them mesos 
Defame their enemies 
Let them borrow my stuff 
Invite their friends into the Guild 
KS a channel for them 
Give them leveling tips 
Help finish quests 
Sell them cheap leech 
Give them my equip drops 
Which of the following best describes how you will help Yoshi become a better guild?*
Host frequent events 
Smega recruitments 
Invite random people 
Sneak spies into rival guilds and steal their members 
Expel inactive members 
Help out guild members in any way 
Spam "R GUILD" in high traffic areas 
In your opinion, which of the following best describes Guild Yoshi.*
Merchant guild 
Boss run guild 
Chat guild 
Noob guild 
Hacker guild 
All of the Above 
Essay Question #1

There is an argument going on between two guild members and it is quickly escalating into a heated fight. What do you do?
Choose 2 of the 3 essay questions to respond to. Responses must be at least 300 words long to qualify.
Essay Question #2

Create an action plan that will: rid the guild of inactives, fill us to maximum capacity with active, fun people, put us on the board for GPQ points and create a thriving network of friends, both on Maple and the forum.
Choose 2 of the 3 essay questions to respond to. Responses must be at least 300 words long to qualify.
Essay Question #3

Come up with an event that can take place within the game. Describe the event rules and concept, as well as your plan to invite as many guild members as possible, determine winners and distribute prizes with as much detail as possible.
Choose 2 of the 3 essay questions to respond to. Responses must be at least 300 words long to qualify.
Upload a screenshot that best demonstrates your qualifications to be a Junior. *
Be creative! We like to see fun, responsible and loyal members in action.
The Pitch

In 100 words or less, suck up, beg, plead, go crazy about why you want to be a Jr.
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